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Wacom And Painting

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I want to use my wacom board for painting stuff, but right now the middle mousebutton is equivalent to the rubber tool of the pen. Can I change this, for example that holding a certain key to change it to a different behavior.

A other thing that would be nice is something like the alt key and to modify the brush radius, but something to change the opacity.


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Start the 'Wacom Input Tool' (German Windows: 'System-Steuerung>Wacom Tablett-Eigenschaften' or 'System-Steuerung>Tablett' ) and open the 'Button Tools'-tab - change the settings for the pen-buttons.

To add modify-keys (Shift, Alt Ctrl) - use the 'Modifier'-dialog.

More questions - download the Intuos2-manual and check the pages 57 to 60 for details.

You are able to setup the pen-configuration for a special application or/and for all programms. Read at page 50 of the Wacom-manual.

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