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Advice on workstation build and memory configs

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Hi Everyone,


I'm trying to put together a new workstation in the very near future and I was hoping to get some advice regarding memory. Does Houdini benefit much from quad channel memory configs vs dual channel assuming the same capacity? I'm not a gamer and will be using this strictly for work, mostly pyro, flip, rbd stuff. I'm also aware this might be a dumb question but...

Example 01: I wait for the new 3950X (16 core) and get 2x32GB Ram


Example 02: I get a Threadripper 2950X (also 16 core) and get 4x16GB Ram


Would there be instances where having a quad channel setup / slower CPU out perform a system with dual channel memory / faster CPU? I've seen gaming benchmarks where there was little to no difference between quad/dual configs but haven't found anything regarding intensive simulations.








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It is recommended to use 32g memory module for the convenience of upgrading higher memory in the future, otherwise 8 16g memory modules can only be upgraded to 128G  

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