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RBD follow animation softly (Soft constraints)


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Hey guys!

I'm struggling a bit with a setup that's probably quite simple but I couldn't get behind it for a couple of days now. 

My shot requires me to have pieces which a character consists of (Megascan-assets scattered on a character) follow the character's animation.

This looks something like this:




Now what I've tried to far was to go about the following with some fancy orientation math in a SOP-Solver in the dopnet to get the euler-W-acceleration to target the goal-orientation, but somehow the pivot offsets made this way harder than expected.

My next approach (which I should have rolled with from the beginning) are constraints. So I'll try to have a soft constraint for each piece to a world anchor and target the rotation.

But just how exactly does rotation-constraining work with the RBD-tools? I've found very little information on this topic - only for things that are individual objects, but not 800 pieces...


I'm happy for any hint towrads a solution.


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Alright, found a great setup by good old Matt Estela.



Depicts a pretty great workflow to set this up. Got it working with pigheads in a redo-scene. I only switched out the old spring constraint relationships to bullet soft constraint relationships. They work wonderfully.

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Hahaha, emphasis was on good!!! But only with age comes wisdom, no? :D

I'd be so lost without your wiki, man! I gotta visit you down under and buy you a couple of beers one day.

I'm excited for it as well, it's a 2 min full CG short with the spirit of the forest fleeing from a wildfire and taking on all shapes and forms. My colleague Justin Braun, the director, developed a Machine Learning setup that replaces Quill-strokes with Megascan-assets - it's pretty awesome.

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