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Displacement texture map from geometry

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I'm very unfamiliar with Houdini.

I simply want to bake a displacement texture from a object. So that I can apply the look of the model to others with just a texture. 

How could I go about this?


Thank you.

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I am not sure how you would do this directly from Houdini, but you could look into using xNormal to generate maps.  Export your hi-res model, and a low-res version, then in xNormal, it will create height and normal maps.  The are a lot of baking options, so worth going through a few youtube tutorials to understand the process, I've linked one below. 

If you are not familiar with Houdini, you could use any software to generate the low-res model from, or even for laying out the UVs before baking.





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Okay, thank you!

I thought there would be a way to do it direct from the software like in Maya or Blender.

I'll give xNormal a go instead.



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