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having trouble 'Volume collision with static object'


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Hi :) 

I'm just following this tutorial, and when I follow the tutorial exactly, volume collision work well

but If I tweak it little bit , It doens't work..



I simulated volume data like this.




and I made this sphere to use as collision and did the same thing in the tutorial (make static object by using shelf tool)



and Dopnet just shows this little bit of smoke and it doens't work well like before I just followed tutorial.

What's the problem? there is enough empty space in sphere and volume.

so I just guessed 'maybe bounding box of volume shouldn't have any penetration with sphere'.

but hmm well.. It wasn't ..

What can I do to fix this problem ?

help me~~!

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Instead of using shelf tool, you can try using boolean sop to create the spherical shell, then convert it to sdf. And you can use it as a proxy volume in static object, or just use it as a collision field.

Also it's hard to judge without seeing your hip file, can you upload it?


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