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Without Houdini engine, how to import mesh with collision to UE4?


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Morning all, the document here says we can put render mesh to a group whose name is XXX, and put collision mesh into a group whose name starts with "Collision_Geo" prefix,

and then Houdini Engine will handle it.

However, I'm using a specific version of Unreal Editor, which is not supported by houdini engine, how can I export them into an FBX file like that in 3DSMAX and still got working collision?

In 3DSMAX, if you name your mesh XXX, and name its collision mesh to UCX_XXX, and you export them to one FBX file and import to UE4, you can get a working collision.

However, when I try this: name the render mesh group to XXX. and name the collision mesh group to UCX_XXX; and then merge and export. The UE4 cannot recognize collision mesh.

I have to export them separately into 3DSMAX and export render mesh and collision mesh from 3DSMAX.


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For what it's worth, going to Unreal via FBX (Not Engine) for me:
- Each collision prim should be in its own object named UCX_XX_01, 02, etc where XX = Name of Render Object mesh

- Render mesh should be in its own object

- Put all the above inside an object-level subnet and use that for FBX export path

In UE 4.21+ and Houdini 16+, at least, this correctly builds the render mesh with convex hulls attached.


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