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Offset UVs based on angle, movement relative to camera

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I've got a problem I want to solve. Basically - I want to have a layered texture with different UV sets on a flat object, but I want the layers to appear to have depth within the object, with parallax between the layers. So, I'd like the UVs to be offset by different factors, and that offset to be driven by objects position, distance, movement, rotation relative to the viewing and render camera.

Normally I used Houdini for lighting so this is a challenge for me :)

Any advice gratefully appreciated!



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Hi Steven,

you can get camera coordinates using optransform() and cracktransform(). Here is a minimal example that shifts UVs based on the camera's position:

matrix xform_cam = optransform('../../cam1');
vector pos_cam = cracktransform(0,0,0,0,0, xform_cam);
v@uv = (v@uv + pos_cam) % vector(1.0);



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Hi Konstantin,


thanks so much for taking the time to post this for me. I'm going to have a look into it right now!


Great forum, thanks again.



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