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guiding ocean problem

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I'm trying to make a boat on an ocean and then work the splash.
The problem is that the guiding ocean does not work for me, I have another project with another mesh and it does not give me problems but in this it is as if the forces did not work, and the ship sinks.
I have tried to change the center of the mass and its values, frictions, vop force values ... but it still does not work.
Any suggestions?
I share the Hip File and the bgeo:



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What do you mean the ship sinks? It falls onto the surface, and then floats, but it needs to undulate under and over the surface, like its on water. I played your scene, and I didn't have any issues. As the boat reached the front of the container, the container followed it, which is what the guided ocean layer does. Also, I'd recommend either using a larger particle separation or adjusting your water level or flip container, because that was too high res of a sim for you to iterate on effectively.

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