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Vein pulled out effect using Vellum

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Hi everyone :)

I have a project at hand in which I'm supposed to pull vein out from incision. I want the vein to act like a strand of macaroni, which is the way vein like tissue behave in general, yet my initial tests using the Vellum solver always tend to yield results that wobble. I opted to use tetrahedral softbody so as to be able to preserve the overall volume of the vein as it's grabbed and pulled out by the scissors but as soon as the scissors come to a halt, the vein wobbles until it comes to a rest although I jacked up damping ratio on all constraints. How can I go about accomplishing this in vellum, or am I better off switching to the FEM solver instead for this task?

Thanx in advance and cheers :)


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you can increase drag force or post a hip file showing the issue, doesn't have to be your exact scene

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