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How to properly UV fractured simulation for export to Unity? Currently texture does not move with geometry in Unity.

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    I have been working on my first project in Houdini, which is a rigid body simulation in which I am exporting out to Unity. Everything is good, minus when I add the texture to the geometry within Unity and play-back the animation, the texture simply stays in place while the geometry moves around. It sticks in place within Houdini as it should as seen below:


But in Unity, it looks like this: (You can see it best on the rocks on the far right that are moving)


Here is my current setup:



I have never had this issue before in Unity (been using it for about 2 years), so I am not quite sure what I am doing wrong or what I should actually be using for trying to UV fractured geometry. There are so many different UV tools in Houdini that I am not even sure I am doing it correctly, or in the right place, or with the right nodes. All of the tutorial videos I have seen (which doesn't seem to be too terribly many, on texturing) don't seem to quite cover what I am trying to accomplish here, at least not that I have came across yet.

 If anyone is able to point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it!




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Ah cool! Glad you figured it out. I'm the one who responded to you about this in the houdini reddit thread on this. Didn't know how to fix it exactly but figured it had something to do with triplanar textures. My textures from Quixel were coming through as triplanar and I had a bunch of issues with them sliding when my objects moved, once i got it off triplanar to a normal texture it fixed the issue but wasn't sure how to fix it in your situation. 

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Yeah, I don't recall exactly why I had triplanar on to begin with. I had several different material settings and different substance files prior to finding an actual substance I wanted to use, so I moved forward with it and it wasn't until the next day or so that I noticed what was happening, so I forgot about all the settings changes I had made, lol. Thanks again, I appreciate it.

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