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PyQT Window keeps reopening on initial opening of hip file

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hey guys,

I have a pyQT window that is parented to the main Houdini Window but every time I reopen the scene it's opens the PyQT window again.


class Manager(QtWidgets.QDialog):
    def __init__(self, parent=None):
        super(Manager, self).__init__(parent)

        self.setFixedSize(700, 450)

dialog = Manager()
dialog.setParent(hou.ui.mainQtWindow(), QtCore.Qt.Window)

According to the docs I need to unparent it in the close event which I have done but it still seems to open. What am I missing?

def closeEvent(self, event):


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3 hours ago, shadowst17 said:

What am I missing?

The point of parenting.

You most likely want your UI shown on-demand (i.e clicking a shell button, menu or in python panel). Parenting to the main and not expecting it to show up doesn't make much sense.

3 hours ago, shadowst17 said:

every time I reopen the scene

Which means you have your code executed either in 123/456.py or in hou.session or in HDA's event handlers. Decide when you want this ui to be shown and call dialog.show() from there.

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