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Basic questions and best practices when creating tools with Python?

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Hey all,

    I am just getting started trying to make tools for Houdini and I had a few fairly basic questions. Can Should additional packages be used outside of whatever ones Houdini includes? I mean, I am sure they *can* be used, at least locally, but if I wanted to make a tool using additional packages and then release it down the road, how exactly does that work? Does it have the ability to download required packages from a requirements file?

    I noticed that there are separate folders for scripts and HDAs. At first I thought HDA's were just sets of scripts that were exported in a Houdini native format, but it seems that is probably not the case if they are separated out. Do HDA's include scripts, or are they just sets of nodes configured in predefined ways? If it includes Python, does it have to be written within Houdini's editor instead of being in external files?

Thanks all,


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It seems to me you have a very poor understanding of Houdini/Python basics which is Ok for a beginner.

Houdini Docs are pretty good these days, go ahead read it and create a few tools for practice.

Then read this on how to tell Houdini where to find your scripts.

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