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Pyro II - Flames & Sparse Pyro

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Hey Odforce!  I just published a new course - Pyro II - Flames & Sparse Pyro.  This course aims to uncover the main ideas behind the new sparse pyro solver by making a realistic fire simulation.

If you've already bought the old version of Pyro II, then you'll automatically get this course for free!  Check it out at https://www.cgforge.com/course?courseid=pyroii-sparse

Cheers! ;)



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16 hours ago, Nusmad said:

Hi! Will I get the older version if I purchase this one? Thank you!

Yep!  I have to add you in manually for now though because I'm still working on some backend/website things to automatically do it.  So just shoot me an e-mail through the contact section, and I'll get you set up :)

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