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Attribute Control Of Shaders / Vops

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I have figured out how to get simple things like color and alpha primitive attributes to control a shader, since (most?) shaders will respect the Cd and Ca attributes and pipe them to the correct location. However, I would like to have either a custom attribute (or alpha) control which texture from a imagesequence to use. I am looking at the print VOP as perhaps a way to change out the map input of a texture VOP, but is there an easier way that I am missing? I also can't seem to get an expression to work in that VOP, so no padded zeros on the sequence?(not a big deal)

My use is different, but this would be part of a system for rendering dynamically animated sprites.

Is there any way for a VOP network to react to anything other than the attributes made available in the globals VOP?

I am also a bit confused about attribute names and the varios local attribute name acces. Is there a map or a secret understanding that I do not get? e.g. $ALPHA is Alpha is $CA



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