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Vellum grains optimise large source

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Hey everyone, 

I am currently doing a vellum grain simulation (ground interaction) of someone running along a path (camera following character), which has to run for quite a few frames with a lot of ground covered. I am looking into ways for me to optimise my sim and avoid me having to sim the entire path at each frame of the sim. I am pretty new to vellum. My first thought was to set all the grains to inactive/stopped and only activate in proximity to the character. I have tried this but I noticed that even with all points being stopped, it still takes forever to solve a few frames (I am not sure why this is, if someone can explain I appreciate). 

My next idea was to dynamically delete areas of the path once it was covered and out of camera. I have done this but I get quite a lot of explosive behaviour along the edge of deletion. I have quite a few clusters and glue constraints which I am also deleting in a separate sop solver but I assume there is some precision issues sometimes which causes individual points to go nuts?

I am pretty out of ideas. I would really appreciate some input from someone with more experience then me!


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