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Having some trouble with chread; tried the following with no luck:

chread -o $TSTART "obj/cam1/tx" "obj/cam1/ty" "obj/cam1/tz" "obj/cam1/rx" "obj/cam1/ry" "obj/cam1/rz" "obj/cam1/focal" 'C:/temp/maxcamtest.chan'

This made keys in tx but they had no value. The other channels were ignored.

Is this the correct syntax for writing to multiple channels?

Also how to I make the channels 'raw' in the first place? the help page

doesn't elaborate... In the above case I just typed in a random string.



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Now when I try to read the attached chan file (tab separated vector values)

with the following command I get a segmentation fault with V8.1.655.

chread -f 1 78 "obj/cam1/tx" "obj/cam1/ty" "obj/cam1/tz" "obj/cam1/rx" "obj/cam1/ry" "obj/cam1/rz" "obj/cam1/focal" 'C:/temp/maxcamtest.chan'

When saving channels via channel editor and loading back in using chread there are

no problems...



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