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L-system avoid self-intersection


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Hey guys, 

I am currently experimenting in 2D with L-system. I am wondering if there is a way to prevent branches to intersect / cross ? Like I would rather has my branch to stop than crossing another one / itself like in the picture5e94cecc3973a_2020-04-1321_37_08-D__02-RESSOURCES_Houdini__HOUDINILIBRAIRY_00-Basic-Geo_L-System2D.hip-Houdini.thumb.png.f50b205276c6e991871cc9007fa208e7.png

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L-systems aren't self-aware like that... they handle all their substitution iterations internally, so you have no way of crafting rules based on the previous iteration's geometry. You're better off either using a particle system / solver SOP instead, or handle overlaps after the L-system is done via detangle or some other solver that could clip or displace overlapping polylines.

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Hum ok I see that is what I was thinking just wanted to be sure thank you! And is there a way to check the current orientation of the turtle ? Like say       X:($(x,y,z)=(x,y,z))=F      or even simpler       X:($(x)=x)=F      I know this is not good at all just wanna illustrate my words

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I had a similar problem and find that fusing with the power of 2 grid solves the problem, in my case.

Here you have some interesting examples. I'm just curious about what you do in 2d :wub:? @sneaky


1-file to notice

Rule 1 L = S
Rule 2 S = F”+[f-Y]F;G
Rule 3 Y = –[|F-F–FY]- Rule 4 G = FGF[+F]+Y Angle -3832 Generations


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Hey @Librarian thank you for your answer I am a bite late by now ahah been quite busy!
I wanted to create a plane surface, kind of a motherboard if u want!

I have to say I don't really understand ur notice and how it could help me ? If you have time to explain your point I would be interested for sure.
Few very interesting examples on this website but they all seem to intersect if I am not wrong!

To explain my self a little further I searched an example for you. Even if I know the guys from Panoply (tremendous work by the way in here) didn't used L-system it is the kind of structure I would like to achieve.


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