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Cannot perform background render...

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Hi there

a very frustrated noob here. I recently moved from another 3d aplication, and Im a newby in Houdini.

I did a pyro simulation ( following a tutorial ) and I wanted to do " Save to disk in background " to cache sim ( in geo Pyro Import Node / Dop Import Pyrofields ) but I constantly get  message " Cannot perform background render with unsaved changes.Save your file before proceeding."

I saved pretty everything I know; project path, sim path ( also tryed ctrl + s) etc. I also checked title in file path so there's no empty space between letters.

What am I doing wrong. What else do I need to save, or Im doing it wrong way ?

I could not find step by step anywhere explained anything related to " save to disk in background " issue with this message.

Could someone pls explain step by step  ( if it does not take too much time ) how it should be done so I can check if I did something wrong.

I'd very apreciate it and it would help me a lot.


Ty very much in advance.

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12 minutes ago, Marc said:

you need to save the hipfile :D

I did save, in set in DOP I/O import_pyrofields output, also CTRL + S, and from meni FILE - SAVE AS - name.hip   :(

again nothing...cannot perform background render. :(

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