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Point Wrangle to connect points and compute normals

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Hello fellow magicians,


I have a Point Wrangle with 2 inputs: each input has 1k pts which are sorted to match. I am trying to create a primitive (line) pointing from a point from the set 0 to the corresponding point from the set 1.

I have adapted some VEX (as in the image) I found on the forum but it doesn't behave as expected. Instead of connecting corresponding points, it connects all the points from one set to a single point in another.

Finally, what would be the best method for creating a normal in the direction of the created primitive?


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you don't need VEX for this, but if you do want to use it you either merge both inputs and connect corresponding points or you'll have to recreate points at the positions of points from second input as they don't exist on the geometry being processed therefore there is nothing to connect to

all 3 examples in the file


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