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Hmm... coulda sworn we covered this before... maybe it was on the sesi list.

here's some uses:

you can render without using a houdini license. So, if you write out 100 ifds from houdini, and you happen to have 100 computers sitting around doing nothing, you could be running vmantra... sorry, mantra5 on all of those machines at the same time, and still work away happily on houdini.

Some people like to read ifds to debug their rendering issues.

That's all I can think of for now...

It's still early... ;)



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err...very.....very...useful :)

think RIB files for renderman....you can jump in and make some modifications, AFTER you scene has been interpreted for rendering, but BFORE it's actually passed in to the renderer......

the rest is left to your imagination....

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