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Edit multiple geo’s/Edit SOPs of a network at the same time?

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I have created this setup for animating points of a geo with self-created ’motion paths’. There is one motion path for each point of the geo, and the motion paths are controlled by one global (carve u) value.
For each motion path there is an Edit SOP that I can edit to tweak the motion of that point. (For that btw I set the display flag on my ‘motion path visualiser’ asset and just select and edit the corresponding Edit SOP).

This does work okay, but there are some times when I wish I could edit all the motion paths at the same time, or select a few of them and edit those. Now I have to edit them one by one. 

I have been thinking about how you can do this, like u know maybe merging all the motion paths for a global edit and import them back by name attribute to the place the path where it actually lives in the network..
but I always find myself having multiple Edit SOPs then, and I would like to keep it simple and have one Edit node per motion path. 
(Because otherwise it get’s all complicated: Which edit node contains what? What effects do previous edit sops have on later edit sops?)

Is there some secret Houdini trick for tackling this or what are your thoughts on this?

Thanks very much, in advance :)


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So, obviously this feels like a limitation from the perspective of 'every day user-apps', but it turns out beautifully as in other times with Houdini:

It forced me to face the OBJ context, which I always kinda ignored, but this provides way more flexibity with viewing and selecting multple parts, and it got me hyped for the possibility of learning to rig.
And it also got me started with Viewer States to solve the specific problem of viewing handles of multple motion-paths (which are now generated using an add sop).

If someone is interested for a similar thing, here is the hip file:



I haven’t really looked yet at the ‘selectors’ functionalities of the viewer state, so I don’t know if they would provide a better way, but from a quick glance at it while I already had this idea, it didn’t seem so, altho I don’t know for sure. 
It would be nice if there was a way to improve this so that it would also be possible to select and move multiple handles at once. But I right now I am mostly satisfied with this result.

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