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Embed Crowd Agent inside HDA?

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I am attempting to make an HDA for Crowd in order to try using it in Unreal. I've used Houdini Crowds a bit but I'm not a Houdini super-wiz and I know even less about setting up HDAs. I could use a little help.

I have got to a point where I have an HDA which accepts Agent Definitions in one input and some points in another input. That seems to work OK (in Houdini, at least. I haven't tried Unreal yet).

Now I want to 'embed' my agent definition into the HDA.
Is that possible?
I have tried using the 'extra files' section, but I'm certain I'm not doing it right.

How can you read the embedded files? I have read the manual, and tried the following:

etc, etc, and many variations., but nothing seems to work. How is it done?

I include my test file if you can spare a minute and set me straight.

Many thanks in advance!




Annotation 2020-05-20 163648.png

Annotation 2020-05-20 164317.png

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Posted (edited)

OK, so I have noticed this:

If I use


Then the Agent node inside the HDA will read the clip information but NOT the rig information.

The docs say that you can embed ANY kind of file in an HDA, so I don't understand why the clips can be read but not the rig.

Any ideas?





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