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select what geo is spawned per iteration

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Hi guys

Im fairly new to houdini

I am spawning a cube along a curve using a copy to points and a carve in a for loop, so I can spawn multiple cubes but also control their position along that curve individually.

My question is how can I use a switch and a for loop so that I can also control what geo is then assigned to each iteration of the copy to points, first I spawn a cube, then I want to select a sphere, then a cube again

or is a for loop not the way to do this?


Any help is super appreciated!



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Do I understand right, you want to alternate between two objects? You can create a new integer point attribute on your curve sop and then use that to drive the value of the switch by taking a point function into the switch. To alternate between two values you can first create a group by range at the curve and that way select every second point, (check Group by Range in the documentation). Then either by Attribute Wrangle or some other way, create a new point attribute, best would be integer, and then assign the value 0 to one and 1 to another group. Go in the documentation check the point expression, for-loop examples, how to copy random geometry, etc, you will figure it out. 

Good luck ! 

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