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CROWD: Layering Agent Layers?

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Is it possible to use more than one Agent Layer at a time?

For example, I have an Agent with naked skin geometry as the default layer.
I want to add a random shirt, and random trousers and then random shoes.
However, the randomize layer in the Crowd Source node only allows picking ONE layer at a time.

Any tricks out there that allow this?

Many thanks,


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I was able to do something like this by using the 'agent edit' node after my crowd sim has been cached.  I essentially had a bunch of different weapon layers with just the weapon in it (source layer set to empty).  After the crowd sim cache, set up some random attribute to isolate some of the points then agent edit to change the layer to the desired weapon layer.  Then just merge the weapon agent back onto the base agent.

The only problem with this for clothes layers is that I haven't found a way yet to get a new agent layer with skinning for the mesh other than simple attachment to a joint

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