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Search for and run most any action/commands/UI menus right from the search window

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Hey all,
    I wanted to share my new search and run add-on called "Searcher". Search for any actions, menu items, etc, the just hit tab, select it, and hit enter to run/trigger them right there without the need to find things in a menu. I am a huge fan of JetBrains IDE's "Search Everything" window, VSCodes Command Palette, Blenders space bar search, etc, and considering how much of a beast Houdini is and all the things it can do, I couldn't help but feel that this was a major feature that Houdini could really benefit from one. It lets you search and run nearly any available

    Searcher uses Full-Text Search 5 (FTS5) to allow for fuzzy, abbreviated, partial search which can bring up what you are after much quicker.


 You can search for most any native and 3rd party added actions, menu items, etc, and run/trigger them straight away from the search window, which I tried to demonstrate in this clip below.


It also provides the ability to hover your mouse over windows/panes and then display the available actions/hotkeys for that particular window/context.


If you are interested, you can check it out here: https://gum.co/searcher

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