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Hi guys,

Chop is maybe, after DOP, the part of houdini that I know the less.. and I'm now spending most of my time on it.. I decided to modify a scene I'm on since few months now (the big fire) and I'm now driving all my POP forces and "noised" parameters... by exporting CHOPs instead, which I find really much more easy to handle, instead of expressions...

but the first problem i come across, is maybe cause of my bad use of chop (or just I might misunderstood it)... the way I drive for example wind parameters.. is by renaming a channel, exporting it to the POP wind1 by naming the channels i want to override.. and everything works fine... now I have few exportCHOP which when they are all selected with "export" flag everything works... the problem is that when i open the scene... such export flag aint enabled.... so my guesses is that I'm bad using Chop ... or I'm wrongly "mapping" CHOPchannels to SOPchannels... any light on it is really appreciated :)

oh btw... after "VOP SOP definition", chop is my new preferred toy!! eheh


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You don't need to use the export flag you can just channel reference the end of your chop chain using the chop expression. That is, put something like


in the parameter you want to drive. I ran into a few scenarios where the export parameter was buggy (especially cooking issues) so prefer to go this route. In addition, doing it this way lets you to easily drive multiple parameters from one chop and you can keyframe the parameter to switch the referencing on or off as the shot progresses.


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