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Baking (Redefining lo-poly mesh / chamfer?)


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ok wait. naturally a bevel sop :lol:

a couple problems however - although minor. some of the edges/corners are inverted?

and in the bevel sop node i get: 

Skipping nonmanifold edge(s): p439-438 
Skipping edge(s) with nonmanifold endpoint(s): p439-393 p1349-1350 p1350-1351 p1355-1350 p1376-1350 p1375-1350 p1029-1350 p4132-438 p439-440 



and there appears to be openings. i tried adding the fuse node - but that won't work as i would like to keep my bevels consistent.



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If you turn on 'Ignore Flat Edges' in the bevel node and increase the angle you'll get rid of the unnecessary beveled edges and the remaining ones should be cleaner. Increasing divisions to 2 might also help with the corners. If there are still non-manifold edges etc the clean node might be able to fix that.

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