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Vellum Solver is deleting Cd point values?


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Hey all,

  I'm using a Attribute randomize on some Scattered points to get random Cd values,

  And then using a Copy to Points to make a bunch of Spheres.

  And then I'm throwing them in the Balloon Vellum then to a Vellum Solver.

 All my Cd values stay intact until the Vellum Solver.  is this a know thing? or am I doing something wrong.?


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Hey thanks,

  Yeah. I realized i was making a really dumb mistake. I've been building up Houdini skills by just rendering out still images... and this was my first time having to use a solver. I added the Random Attribute, but never went back to frame 1 to recalculate the vellum.

stupid mistake.

Thanks for your help.

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