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Angle snap for construction plane handle

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I noticed there is no way to set a rotation angle snap for the construction plane handle. It's absent in the right click menu...tried to create a float parameter on a null and paste it on the construction plane's menu but got an error "no option available". Tried to just select the construction plane with the " / " shortcut and there are no viewport parameters anywhere (usually tool parameters show up at the top bar when it's active?) It's a problem when working with polydraw and needing to adjust the plane often. The only solution is to have the plane parameters menu open on it's own (can't find a way to dock it in the interface either). This is an important tool for modeling imo... it needs better integration and accessibility with the interface & I think SideFX has kind of ignored it while pushing other things... If anyone has any solutions or a python tool or something please let me know thanks! 

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