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fishing boat attached to a rope at sea (flip)

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Hi guys, had a quick question regarding FLIP + RBD + CONSTRAINTS.

i am trying to build a beach scene using FLIP.

what i ultimately want is to have a small fishing boat, tied to the beach by a rope.  so the fishing boat itself is affected by the sea waves, but is "constraint" by the rope (so it does not just float away).

so far, i manged to get

WATER simulated by FLIP + fishing boat as RBD object (volume collision) which is affected by the waves.

i am bit lost on the ROPE part.  initially thought of setting it up using HARD CONSTRAINT, but so far, can only set that up using BULLET SOLVER with packed primitives.

could [WIRE SOLVER] interact with FLIP + RBD and constrain the boat?

any idea or suggestion is much appreciated.




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