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reflection pass question

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I have a quick question about reflection passes in houdini.

Lets say i'm reflecting some geometry onto a large environment . Does the large environment need to be subdivided to get a good quality reflection? I noticed that my reflection pass is not that accurate or straight if i don't subdivide the mesh its reflecting on first.

I can't really recreate the issue since its a work file but I just wanted to get some input on this. Is this a common thing to do? It gets really slow and painful when I have to subdivide all my geometry in my scene just to get a good reflection pass. 

Is there a better way to do this ?


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if you only have a flat surface (like a mirror) then adjusting geometry normals should be good enough (default normals smooth any corners < 60 deg). if it's a more complex shape then naturally more polygons = more accurate reflections.

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25 minutes ago, isah_voodoo said:

@davpe Thank you. Thats good to know. 

I was hoping that the "Render Polygons As Subdivison" on the geo node would do the trick, but apparently not. 



It does the trick if your mesh subdivides nicely...

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