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(SOLVED) Create a variable based off of $HIP?

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I want to create a variable called $CACHE that copies the $HIP path but replaces the drive letter from C: to X:. I know I can set variables in the environment file but I'm not sure how to do it for this or even if that's the right way.


Any help would be appreciated.

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I figured it out. Just posting in case anyone else is trying to do something like this.

I created a file called 456.py and placed it in in my $HOUDINI_USER_PREF_DIR in a folder called scripts. This file gets run every time houdini opens a .hip file. Inside the file I used this as my code:

import re

CACHE = str(hou.expandString('$HIP'))
CACHE = re.sub('\AC:|D:', 'X:', CACHE, 1)
hou.hscript('setenv -s CACHE=%s'%(CACHE))

It copies the hip path

Searches the beginning for C: or D: and replaces it with X: 

Then sets the environment variable.

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