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REDSHIFT render, black refraction

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Hi everyone, been having an issue with REDSHIFT rendering.

a very simple scene, a box with the bottom 2 points moved.  simple glass material applied and the refraction is causing some issue.

attached the HIP file as well.

since the BLACK patches seem to be rays going straight to the environment (when i change environment color, these black patchs will change color as well).

So i assumed its refraction cutoff (maximum refraction reached), so i have set both on ROP (redshift render node) and Material level maximum refraction + reflection to 100 , 100 bounces.
but does not seem to be helping at all.

i have been playing around with the settings on both materials and render settings, but can not seem to be able to get rid of the BLACK patches.

i am rendering with REDSHIFT 2.6 in case that matters.

any help will be very appreciated.





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