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Vellum Collision Problems

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I am trying to deepen my understansing of vellum by building the solver netowork myself. I have hit is very enfuriating sustuation were my character litterally walks out of her pants.

When I use the sop based solver this dosn't happen. I am sure I am missing something but it seems most things I have tried are giving me the same result.

I am using an almebic cache for the collider, and cloth geometry brought in from Marvelios Designer. I am using an collision source node to generate a vdb for collisions, and using a staticObject set to “Use Volume Collision” and “Volume Sample” for division Method.

Here is what I am getting sad.png


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FYI I got this working. the problem was with using a deforming volume based collision. Vellum seems to really want surface based collisions. My mothodology was off. I was trying to fix the sim,but I should have been fixing the collisions. Once penetrations and clipping was resolved everything worked great!

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