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Found 447 results

  1. Hey all I have question regarding a pretty simple DOPs setup that I just can't seem to get my head around... Basically I'm simulating soil and turf being torn up. I'm using Grains for the soil and Cloth for the turf. I'm happy with both material properties now. The issue i'm facing is bonding the two different objects... I know it should be easy but whatever I do, it seems as though the objects remain pinned to their start frame once constrained to one another in a DOP Net, resulting in odd "hanging" behaviour, where only the grains fall and leave the turf behind or vice/versa What I'm aiming for is two-way coupling of the turf (cloth) and soil (grains) sims I've attached a couple of images to demo my setup - as you can see, there's vellum constraints node set to “Attach to Geometry” the constraints node is referencing the Geometry SOP group “Grass” and Target SOP “Soil_Geo” + SOP Group “Soil” When looking at the constraints, after a while of playback, they appear pinned to an static “start frame”, rather than continuously updating geometry I know i'm super close to cracking it his but I just don’t know what small thing it is that I’m overlooking
  2. Vellum match animation

    Hello Houdini wizards! Very simple question. Can u help me with the very simple logic of the locomotion exercise in my file? I am basically trying to achieve the effect of waving the object during the calculating process of vellum struts / vellum tetrahedral animation. I am attaching the link with a video, where u can observe the effect I am trying to achieve. I also created a very simple scene, but its not working. So can I kindly ask u to help me explain in my file how does this merging of animation+vellum works? It would be a big help to me. Thank uuuuuuu ripple_issue.hip
  3. match animation

    Hello Houdini wizards! Very simple question. Can u help me with the very simple logic of the locomotion exercise in my file? I am basically trying to achieve the effect of waving the object during the calculating process of vellum struts / vellum tetrahedral animation. I am attaching the link with a video, where u can observe the effect I am trying to achieve. I also created a very simple scene, but its not working. So can I kindly ask u to help me explain in my file how does this merging of animation+vellum works? It would be a big help to me. Thank uuuuuuu ripple_issue.hip
  4. Hi, In this documentation, there is a phrase of The Vellum Constraints node now has options to adjust the size of the cloth automatically. I'm using H19, same as the documentation, but I don't see such options in my vellum constraints. Is there a way to make it visible?
  5. Hi all, Has anyone had any luck attaching baked cloth to a crowd agent or clip? I'm able to break out the cloth post-crowd sim and sim, however I have a very large number of agents that get close to camera and it is way too slow and I am hitting my machine limitations. I'd like to be able to bake out the cloth and add it to the clip animation so that I do not need to simulate it all after the crowd sim, however I am not sure on how to do that as all the Agent Clip options seem to only let me modify the rig animation. Has anyone successfully done this? I've tried copying over capture attributes from KineFX and saving as an FBX, but that doesn't seem to save the rig. Thanks in advance for the help!
  6. C___proejct_FRIDGE_02_HIP_BALLOON.hipnc - Houdini FX Education Edition 19.0.383 - Python 3 2022-04-08 17-10-36.mp4
  7. Bubbles enveloping the surface

    Hello, This is my first question here on odforce and I hope I'm posting it the right way. I'm now not quite sure how to approach the following effect, when a whole bunch of bubbles are flying towards the long tube and enveloping it after touching the surface (the video is attached). Should I play somehow with Vellum Fluid, Vellum Balloons, metaballs or something else? Thanks in advance for your help! Elvive_render_006.mp4
  8. Hi, please help with apparently simple vellum sim. I need to progressive release anchor points for a certain group of points. For a fur browned away by wind. I tried to use the i@stopped var, and switch it from 0 to 1 within a mask. But always some strings escapes earlier and I can't understand why. vellum_release anchor points_ask.hiplc Also, why @z_mask from MaskFromGeo doesn't pass through solver. It's value is fine till the solver, and after that it becomes always 1. And the last thing, why some of the points are initialize with @stopped = 3, even I tried to set it up by hand. Thanks vellum_release anchor points_ask.hiplc
  9. Hi I'm wondering how I would simulate large bubbles as they're forming or "being blown" I guess I'm mostly asking high level is it possible to create this geometry on the fly and also continuously add new constraints to it until it's fully formed, and then flies off on its own to interact with the world. Thanks
  10. Vellum/POP Grains sim limitation

    Hey everyone ! I would need your help on a sand simulation that I'm working on. It's a 10m high building which is supposed to crumble as a sand castle. My first thought was to try to do it with vellum grains, but the issue is that I'm getting limited by the amount of particles that I can have. Indeed, my GPU gets full and I've got the classic Kernel issue error in the console, meaning I just can't simulate my thing. I've tried to disable every OpenCL buttons that I could find on the solver (OpenCL Graph Coloring & OpenCL Neighbor Search) thinking it would just disable the use of the GPU for the sim, eventhough I knew it would make it really slow (at least it would have been computed). But it didn't work. Then I tried to use POP Grains cause from what I've understood, it's not using any GPU accelerated system. But I've got the same issue, the sim just can't be cooked. Would you have any suggestion for me ? I'm running this on a Threadripper 3960x and a RTX 3080. test_10.mp4
  11. Can you simulate Vellum Brush interactions over time? Hi guys, im trying to recreate the cloth simulation from this awesome project ive found on behance: https://www.behance.net/gallery/136351151/RGB. Im mainly focusing on 0:00-0:005s. I thought they first grabbed a single frame from a vellum solver sim and then to get that extra movement at 0:03s they used the vellum brush to "kick" down parts of the cloth. After trying out the vellum brush im now wondering if that tool can only be used to create stills. I can kind of recreate the kicking down movement in real time in the viewport with my mouse but at the end of the day thats just giving me a still. I need a simulation tho... So my question is can i keyframe or animate the interactions im doing with the vellum brush somehow? if so, please explain how i can do that. Other than that if u guys have any other suggestions as to how they achieved that simulation, please feel free to tell me! Thx
  12. Hello, Someone could explain why in my basic setup, the grain have still the same size ? I try to have some random pscale. Thanks vellum-grain.hip
  13. Hey Everyone, I'm setting up a pretty basic vellum cloth simulation > a pop wind and a pop force as gravity only operating on one group and that group grows over time. now, when I let it run the solver seems to delete primitives as some kind of tearing effect (ripping apart the cloth under stress) I don't know. some primitives turn black and then they disappear. It's a kind of tearing effect that I want to avoid or disable, I just seem to not find the setting. I do have welds in the setup but breaking is disabled. I really don't want no tearing at all. It would be great if someone can push me in the right direction. Cheers captue_0002.mp4
  14. Baloon Expand by attribute

    hello, im having difficulty setting up a baloon that expand with its restlength being updated each frame in the simulation as it feed by a fall of moving object that transfer the new updated restlength here is the sample file that im trying to figure it out. your help is very much appreciated. Baloon ExpandbyAttribute.hip
  15. Hello, I'm using Vellum Source to emit multiple spheres over time and I want to increase the Rest Length Scale of each individual sphere every frame, starting at 1 (for each piece) and incrementing. Realized I have no idea how to select individual bits of sourced geo within DOPs and can't seem to find it anywhere online. Thank you!!
  16. I'm trying to simulate the effect of two fluffy spheres (made of fibres) colliding with each other. But no matter what parameter I tried, these two spheres will never collide, but as if they are independent units each in their own environment. The screenshot has collision visualization enabled. Does anyone have an idea? twoFibreBallTest.hiplc
  17. Attached hip file with 2 methods of bringing vellum objects together. Grain turns to points when using the pack unpack method, any idea what's wrong? grains.hiplc
  18. Hi people, I'm working on a simulation where, as saying in the title, pyrosourcespread is driving the activation for my vellum sim. Eveything is doing well, BUT for some reason, the attribute @totalburn that i'm using to drive the simulation, back to 0 sometimes. What can I do to keek my total burn to the same level and never back to an inferior value that create this kind of "stairs effect". Look at my test file. Thanks for your help and knowledge. Nik SPHERE.hip
  19. I'm using a vellum grains setup to serve as a softbody sim for a fractured object (glued islands with separate, breakable glue for the seams, will point-deform source geo in a for-loop). Because the source geo is fractured, tet softbodies won't work, so I'm going the grains route. By and large it's working nicely, except that there are a few rogue grains that will fly off during the sim and I'm afraid that will screw up my point deform. It's not huge spacewise, so manually picking and blasting them after the sim but before the point deform wouldn't be difficult (and at this point probably more efficient, actually) but I'd rather do this procedurally since this setup is made to be reusable. Is there a way I can identify and blast out the misbehaving grains procedurally (presumably with the sim time-shifted to the last frame)? I presume doing a nearpoints-type-thing would eat into the edges or smaller islands, but I could be wrong. (And since they're more often in little clusters of two or three, just finding completely isolated points won't work.) Thanks for any help!
  20. In the attached scene I'm emiting vellum softbodies and I'm trying to create some stitch constraints dynamically (based on a distance threshold). For some mysterious reason it is not working and I can't really figure out why... vellum_emit_softbodies.hipnc
  21. Hello Illusionists! I've successfully make a vellum loop in houdini throught the use of timeshifts and blendshapes. In houdini works perfectly but when I export it and open in blender (just for render faster) I see only the first five frame animated.. I've try to put attributedelete and also vellumpostprocess or filecache but the results it's always the same. Any one have experienced something similar?
  22. Hello, I have been trying to create a Tet soft body simulation with a glue constraint to itself to fake stretching and breaking. I am however failing at multiple steps. 1. The solve takes forever, it keeps on detangling thingies 2. the transforms don't work. bread_3.hipnc SD_BaseMesh_v001.obj
  23. Hi guys, How can I make an interaction between a FLIP-Fluid and a vellum object? Is it possible? Thanks for helping. FLIP and Vellum Interaction_01.hip
  24. I have a character rigged with shoulder and waist vellum constraints to keep his clothing in place for animation. I'm trying to use a third constraint for his lapels, but I want to break it or turn it off at a certain point in the animation. I've watched Rohan Dalvi's H17 video on how to use a Vellum Constraint Properties node to animate the Break Threshold value, and that works well, but it breaks *all* of the constraints in the vellum setup. I'd like to just break the lapel constraint. Is there a simple way to have the Vellum Constraint Properties node work only on that one lapel constraint? Thank you!
  25. I am trying to morph a tetrahedral vellum soft body between two shapes using an animated rest blend. In my setup rest blend works for cloth but does not work when using tet soft-bodies. I've tried troubleshooting by tet conforming the rest blend target but this does not fix the issue. Is there a step that I am missing or is there a better way to accomplish morphing tet soft-bodies? VellumRestBlend_v003.hiplc