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Found 142 results

  1. I want to replicate effect from this post https://www.instagram.com/p/B21fsianHMu/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet So, my idea is to break vellum by Weld Points and it's working as expected. But I can't find the way how to fracture sphere by equal vertical stripes. I made two spheres, one is original and second is nurbs and try to use Edge fracture, but it fractures not in equal peaces linefracture.hiplc
  2. Paint Flakes in Vellum

    Hi all, I have seen the Paint Flakes in Houdini by pixelninja, he made a really great FX I try to download the file to study it, but the file is too old, cloth object and FEM is not work anymore so I try to fix it in Vellum, but I have not much idea about the Vellum, please may I know who can help? paintFlakes.hipnc
  3. I am doing a simple "Flag" asset with materials , texture and object embedded. All work nicely except for the "POP wind" node i place in my vellum solver which disappear when i bring the digital asset. All the rest works without a problem. What am i doing wrong?
  4. Vellum Custom forces

    Hello, Can you please help me? I have a custom vortex force and I would like to apply it to vellum solver. How Can I do that? Thank you Gabor
  5. Vellum and Pyro - Two way Interaction

    Any ideas on how to make the smoke influence the cloth sphere while the sphere influence the smoke? Scene file is attached. Thx Any RnD_0100.hip
  6. Hi, I am a beginner level Houdini user and I am trying to accomplish an effect where I grow curves from source points on an object that are dynamic and respond to collisions/forces. An effect similar to this I found some really helpful things on cgwiki (here http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniDops#Grow_trees_with_particles ) dealing with grains, but I can't figure out how to have my curves grow from my source points while remaining attached. Anyone know a way to accomplish this effect?
  7. Hi, I've managed to make vellum hair interact or at least collide with an RBD Object. But it does not work with an RBD Packed Object. Can vellum not read the geometry? Is this a lost cause? Thanks, Cecilia
  8. I'm using a POP VOP to add some noise to my vellum geometry, but it keeps sticking to other geometry when it collides. I assume this is because the geometry is displacing before Vellum can catch it, and by the time it does it's already intersecting. How can I make this work correctly?
  9. I am using cloth and pressure constraints, emitting vellum object in some interval, the problem is that the new emitted object will 'stick' to objects overlap with it at the frame it was born. I've tried increase substeps and constraint iterations seems not work... ... Where should i work on to avoid the 'sticking'? Thanks.
  10. Exploding vellum grains

    Hi guys, I'm currently trying to setup a test of vellum grains with loose sand and clumps falling from 1m down on a pighead-collider (grain size of around 0.001). I did lots of tests already but can't manage to get a stable result where the clumps (more or less) keep together on impact. They stick together mid air, but as soon as they hit, explode and spread in numerous pieces. Scene and sim is according to realworld scale. Settings I use are all default but: Common-Tab: Substeps 12 Constr. Iterations 2000 (That high since I was told it needs to be roughly the amount of grains you want to pile up, and having grains around 0.001 in size makes pretty huge stacks.) Static Friction 0.75 Dyn. Friction 0.15 Advanced Tab: Repulsion: 1500 Attraction weight 1 (weighted/multiplied with a point attribute (0 to 1 values) that defines loose sand and clumps based on a noise pattern.) Attraction 100 It would be very cool if someone help me figure out why this is not working. Any hint or even a example-scene is much appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time!
  11. Hi everyone, I have a question How can I use animated object as Vellum Source to make it works with Vellum Solver DOPs? (not SOPs) This is my hip file As you can see, the Vellum dopnet processes with only the first frame of the object animated_vellum_dop.hip
  12. Emit Time Range till End Point

    Hey Guys, i got a question. I got a vellum sim and i am emitting every 8th Frame one sphere into my sim. I did it with -> $FF % 8 == 1 but now i want that emission just between Frame 1 - Frame 48. So between F1 and F48 i want every 8th Frame an emission. How can i get this with an expression? Cheers and Thanks!
  13. Hey there, I have a simple vellum setup with a dop net creating an object every few frames. Im trying to make it do each object that is created then has random orient. Any suggestion of the best way to do this. Thanks
  14. Hello, Can there be a way to update the attach constraint points (on collider) on every frame as the collider moves in a world space so that it gives sort of a sliding effect? I tried adding a custom group in the target geo field, the points in the custom group get updated every frame as the collider moves. But Vellum solver is not taking that into account, it holds the position of the constraints created on first frame of sim. any thoughts? Thanks,
  15. Vellum Shelf Tool

    When I create a shelf tool containing a vellum solver node, all the nodes within the solver disappear once I try to use the tool. The same does not happen when I create a tool that has a normal dopnetwork.
  16. How to make Vellum follow animation?

    Hi guys, Finally migrating from Softimage to Houdini:) Got a dumb question. I just need to attach the vellum cloth simulation to alelmbic animation. It's going to be like a peeling effect constrained to an animated object's position and rotation. Can you please point me which tool should I use? I've tried with Fetch on an object level, but the vellum doesn't react to it at all. Thanks in advance! testAnimObj.abc temp.hip
  17. @pscale for vellum grain?

    Does anyone know if it's possible to use @pscale for vellum grain? I mean to create it on "Grain Source" and pass it to a "Vellum Configure Grain". To a "grain size" probably? Thanks. BK
  18. Import object into vellum

    Hello Forum , I have a question. How to import object into vellum solver every frame? Please Help. test.hip
  19. While setting up vellum constraints, I used the preset: "configure balloon". It created both vellum constraints: cloth and pressure, with both nodes sharing the same "stretch" properties. After some testing, I realized that both "Stifness" and "Damping Ratio" could be set to 0 within the cloth constraint, as long as the pressure constraint had non-zero values on both parameters and things would be exactly the same. But on the other hand, if I tweaked the "Rest Length Scale" and "Compression Stiffness" parameters on the cloth constraint, this would have an impact. Why do some values on the cloth constraint are overriden by the pressure constraint (wich comes right after the cloth) and others aren't? Cheers, Diogo
  20. Vellum Stiffness Driven by Cd

    Hey guys, After watching "Advanced Vellum Workflows | John Lynch | H17 Masterclass" (around 1h20m), I want to test out if I can animate the control the stretch stiffness in a specific area mainly by a "attribute transfer" and a "vellum constraint property" But turns out, as if the point count or primitive count changed, The the stiffness of constraint primitives is changed randomly, instead of as I expected, that stiffness is changed only for those primitives whose color is changed. I've attached my hip file. Any help or ideas would be appreciated ! Cheers, vellum_stiffness_control_v4.hip
  21. Hi there I made some snow with very small vellum grains What Im trying to achieve is to set an initial state when my snow is already relaxed (I am throwing a box made of grains in top of a mountain), and then to continue colliding with some objects. How can i make the simulation read the first frame and then start writing the next
  22. Hello, I have been trying to add a point to a vellum hair in DOPS using a SOP Solver so I can than later break it. I have not found a solution to this problem. Has anyone had this issue and solved it? Also I have been trying to remove points from a vellum hair. I t works well, but not when I use a Vellum Source Instance on points. Thankx delete_points.hip
  23. Entagma's "Connect the Yarns" in Vellum

    Hey there! I was wondering if anyone here know if this wonderful tutorial from Entagma can be replicated in Vellum. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  24. Vellum Balloon Solver

    Hey guys, Im new to Houdini and I'm struggling to use the vellum balloon node, I've animated a fur ball falling and in the end is gets squashed by a box that falls in it. I want to then use the vellum balloon to inflate the fur ball again as shown in the sideFX website : https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/shelf/vellumballoon.html please any help would be more than appreciated
  25. Hi there! I have this problem I need to fix. I imported a fbx animation that has 375 frames and need to chop like a lot, just need from 320 to 375 for making one of the objects a vellum grains of another kind of grains. Im new to Houdini and Im dealing with a lot of doubts like doing this. Is there a simple way? The thing is, when I try to simulate this object it starts from frame 0 and all those 300 frames are not needed. Other way I could make this out is enabling the vellum solver at frame 320 but that is something Ive been having problems with too! Please if anyone could help me out here it would be awesome, there's so much about Houdini I want to learn !!