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  1. Would vellum be the best way to approach a ball of jelly smashing through another, larger ball of jelly, and coming out the other side? With some pieces of each jelly ball stretching for a bit where connected as the smaller balls exits and flies away. or flip sim? Thanks.
  2. Hello. This is a question for Paul's best tutorial series. I would like to set up a Vellum and Falloff mechanism extracted from a GIF, but I have tried and tried without success and wonder how to accomplish this. I will upload a file in the process of using MOPS in case you are interested. Thank you in advance. vellumfalloff_failed.hiplc
  3. Hi, I'm trying to sim lots of rope on a ship and although I can simply use polywire, I'd like to try and keep the original model's rope geometry. Is there a way to use path deform or point deform to achieve this result? I've had some success with point deform, but I think it was more luck and not really a robust workflow. I've attached a simple scene of some vellum string in a breeze and an alembic file of some rope. As you can see the rope is horribly distorted. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Rope.zip
  4. https://youtu.be/QR3CjAw_1PI This is the reference. preview.mov I'm creating a Vellum simulation. The scarf is released from the neck and flies to cover the camera. I'm using Custom force setup from another particle aura fx. It use Curve direction force and Curve suction force. But the suction force makes scarf gather and twist in the midde of curve. Before I noticed it, I worked with the following intentions. I keyframed the Stretch Rest Length to make the scarf spread wide enough to cover the entire camera, And i also keyframed Bend Stiffness to get rid of the scarf twisting. Stretch Rest Length makes scarf wider, but there is no spreading force, so there is no dramatic change. And Bend Stiffess doesn't improve the twist Rather, It makes short wrinkles in the longitudinal direction and long wrinkles in the narrow direction. and this is weird. I think the fundamental problem is Curve suction force. But without Curve suction force, you can't make it fly in the right direction of the curve. How can I make the scarf to be wide and not twisted? Vellum_Scraf_v04.hip preview.mov
  5. Hello, I have a group of lines that are growing by animating the "first u" parameter. I want to connect this to a vellum sim, but once connected to a vellum solver, nothing pops up. I tried using a pin to target but I think I need some guidance on how to set it up. Any help is appreciated.
  6. Hi, it is possible remove hair constraint manually? I need to cut rope in few places but I cant find how it works. Information only about weld constraints. Thanks! vellumHair.hipnc
  7. Hello, I am trying to learn houdini, and doing personal experiments. Today I was experimenting how to emit rope. As you can see from my setup below, I am using a noise to control the zscale of my poylextrude. My issue is that the circles are growing taller and shorter since the noise is being animated. What I want is for the noise to trigger the growth of these cirlcles, so it will look like I am emitting tubes or "rope". Any help is appreciated, Thank you.
  8. I am trying to morph a tetrahedral vellum soft body between two shapes using an animated rest blend. In my setup rest blend works for cloth but does not work when using tet soft-bodies. I've tried troubleshooting by tet conforming the rest blend target but this does not fix the issue. Is there a step that I am missing or is there a better way to accomplish morphing tet soft-bodies? VellumRestBlend_v003.hiplc
  9. Hi every one ive never posted before , im quite new to Houdini loving it I have a question if any one has any rough advise on how to do this sim apologies if it seems basic , just any general advise , thanks for your help and time , would love to hear some approaches , really want to try this out , thanks again every one Filmage 2022-12-07_120845.mp4
  10. I would like to ask about this kind of Vellum Simulation. For the past monht, I tried three kind of method before. 1. POP Curve Force 2. Pin to target Constraint using animated Curve Deform mesh. 3. Dragging the edge of the scarf to the moving point. But none of that was effective. I couldn't solve this alone, I really need your help. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
  11. Hi guys! I have a super simple question (I hope at least). I am using two different geometries and merging them together as cloth to dopnet. Inside the dopnet, I want to define different behavior (sturuts stiffness) for each geometry. It, unfortunately, doesn't respond, though. I just created very simple testing scene, so u can check properly what I am trying to achieve here. Can anyone help me with that issue, please? Thanks a lot, guys. dopnet_issue.hipnc
  12. Hello Is is possible to add more and more geometries, on each frame, to a vellum (cloth) simulation? For example, simulating copied spheres on particles of a POP-Network sim, as a vellum cloth geometry source. (I know it's possible to update the "id" in an RBD sim to do the same effect.) Thanks for helping. Vellum_01.hip
  13. Hi guys, I'm looking for a way to push these spheres outward and detangle them. I tried to use vellum, but it doesn't work. How can I fix it? Thanks for helping. Detangle.hip
  14. Hey there- I have this conveyor belt setup where i have some vellum hairs pinned to the rotating points. For some reason i get this bumpy behavior when i sim them and apply some forces. When i turn off "compute missing orientation" in the vellum hair sop it works fine but the hairs don´t get simulated so i guess it has something to do with the orientation. Would be super nice if some one could help me with this one Hip file is under the videos hairtest.hiplc
  15. Hello, I am studying muscle system, and prepared a setup with a cycle inplace walk animation for my creature. That way, everyhting worked fine. Next step i tried switching the old animation with a new one, running in space, much faster than before. The result now appears completely broken, seems like muscles cannot follow the bones promptly, they're remaining behind the bones and intersecting each other they are not able to deintersect. I just tried to: • increase the stiffness for muscle-to-bones and muscle-to-muscle constraints, in Properties Sop • remove all damping values, in Properties Sop • increase substep, in Solver • increase constraint iterations, in Solver • added velocity stiffness factor (fresh new property in 19.5.409), in Properties Sop • added velocity blend, in Properties Sop • enabled velocity blending, in Solver • increased velocity damping, in Solver None of them worked or gave acceptable results. Any tips on how can i fix it? Thanks Update: speeding the solver x2 faster seems to give better results, although still not perfect. Not sure this is the right path anyway.
  16. Hi. I'm currently working on vellum grain. I want to make the grain look like gravel, but i don't know how to proceed with copy instancing. So... I want to give detail to the grains of sand. If you have any good tips, please let me know. (If you have a good example or hip file, please share.) Thanks.
  17. Hi guys, I hope you can help me with setting up this vellum inflation scene... Basically, I have animated a sphere expanding and used the rest blend node inside the vellum solver to inflate the sphere. What I would like to achieve is an interaction where the vellum inflation sim interacts with a rigid body 'plinth' that it is initially sitting on rather than it just being a static collider object. I have tried using the vellum shape match constraint for this behaviour but have found it tends to deform the shape which is not ideal. Preferably, I would like to know if it is possible to use RBD dynamics inside of a DOP network and have that interact with the inflating vellum sim... The entire sim would also sit inside of a static container too as the plan is to squash the vellum soft body against the walls of the container. Any help on this would be really appreciated. Thanks! Vellum_Rigid_Body_Interaction.hiplc
  18. Hello. This is my reference. I want to create a saliva or slime effect using vellum. I tested it in two ways. But the first way the animation doesn't work in dopnet. The second method is that a single stem in the broken line is not affected by gravity. Attach the hip file here. Maybe it's a simple problem, but I don't know how to fix it... Please help me what is the problem. And please give me some advice on how to approach it similarly to that video. (Or, if you have related data, please share.) Thank you. vellum_test_help.hiplc
  19. Hi Magicians, I want to run a cloth simulation where I transfer Cd onto my base cloth geo with a moving object. The Cd attribute will affect the restlenght. Now it works good but only for the first frame. Does the vellum solver only take the first frame before it goes to simulate that? Is there a wway I tell the solver to take the to be solved object and check it each frame? I've attached the ptoject. Any help is welcome, thanks in advance! Vellum_updatinggeometry.hip
  20. Hey everyone, I'm trying to add vellum geometry and constraints dynamically inside a dopnet using sopsolvers. I'm getting an error, but I don't really know why... If someone could have a look into it! Cheers vellum_create_geo_and_cnstrs_during_sim_b.hip
  21. hello. i am emitting a couple of objects in a vellum sim and want to point deform them at the end. everything works fine except only the first object gets point deformed and you can only see the collisions of the other point deformed objects. they seem to get emitted but don´t show up in the viewport. the constrains are there but the geo keeps missing. tried different inputs for the point deform but can´t get it to work.... WindowMan.hiplc
  22. hey there,, was rebuilding the chain sop/vellum setup from the houdini 18.5 presentation in 19.0 and when i wire in the vellum sim in the chain sop with the objects to allign on the curves they get deformed somehow... tried some different setting but was not able to fix it. maybe some one has an idea. scene file is attached. greetings and thank you! chainsop.hiplc
  23. Hey, I have this big pillow with small balls scattered and glued onto to the big pillow, now i want to inflate and deflate the pillows and drive it via a attribute noise. This works wonderfully in the dopnet when I use the Vellumconstraintproperties with just the balls as source, however if i bring the other vellum source in the dopnetwork (big pillow) and merge them, it seems the parameters get overwritten by the second vellumsource and so my inflation/deflation doesnt work anymore and many weird things start happening. I feel like im nearly finished with my setup but just get one little thing not right which lost me already several hours, does someobody has a solution to this? I´ve attached a file, sorry for the mess but problem is hopefully just solveable in the dopnetwork. ODFORCE_2XCONSTRAINTPROPERTIES.hipnc
  24. Hi I'd love to be able to dynamically update my vellum properties based on point attributes. Like if I have a noise value (say Cd) running across a line of points over time, is it possible to have this value influence, for instance, the rest scale of geo that is copied onto each point? My first thought is the SOP Solver but I don't understand how it works well enough to implement the idea. Hoping someone can help me out, thank you!
  25. I have a mesh and have a few separate Vellum sims that fire in a linear fashion. I've found I need to "stash" the output of the first vellum sim, otherwise the 2nd vellum sim runs forever. As result there is a bunch of manual updates I want to remove in the graph to have it cook and update properly. Upstream I want to update a rigpose node and have all the stashes update and sims fire on the new data. I am not having any luck getting both the stash nodes to updates.. I have tried python sops before and after the stash with hou.node("../stash1").parm("stashinput").pressButton() and I have tried n = hou.node("../stash1") parm = n.parm("stash") parm.set(geo) without much luck. I am under the impression that the stash node might need a time update to trigger, but have not been able to make a timeshift force an update either. Thanks for any help.
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