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Found 476 results

  1. Hi guys, I hope you can help me with setting up this vellum inflation scene... Basically, I have animated a sphere expanding and used the rest blend node inside the vellum solver to inflate the sphere. What I would like to achieve is an interaction where the vellum inflation sim interacts with a rigid body 'plinth' that it is initially sitting on rather than it just being a static collider object. I have tried using the vellum shape match constraint for this behaviour but have found it tends to deform the shape which is not ideal. Preferably, I would like to know if it is possible to use RBD dynamics inside of a DOP network and have that interact with the inflating vellum sim... The entire sim would also sit inside of a static container too as the plan is to squash the vellum soft body against the walls of the container. Any help on this would be really appreciated. Thanks! Vellum_Rigid_Body_Interaction.hiplc
  2. Hi guys, In H19.5 I tried to use the Vellum Grain, but it doesn't show the grains as a sand sprite (as usual). How can I fix it? Thanks, for helping. Vellum Sprite.hip
  3. Someone asked how to do something similar and I couldn't find any setups or tutorials so hacked this together. HIM_popVellum19.5.v004.hiplc
  4. Hi Magicians, I want to run a cloth simulation where I transfer Cd onto my base cloth geo with a moving object. The Cd attribute will affect the restlenght. Now it works good but only for the first frame. Does the vellum solver only take the first frame before it goes to simulate that? Is there a wway I tell the solver to take the to be solved object and check it each frame? I've attached the ptoject. Any help is welcome, thanks in advance! Vellum_updatinggeometry.hip
  5. Hey everyone, I'm trying to add vellum geometry and constraints dynamically inside a dopnet using sopsolvers. I'm getting an error, but I don't really know why... If someone could have a look into it! Cheers vellum_create_geo_and_cnstrs_during_sim_b.hip
  6. hello. i am emitting a couple of objects in a vellum sim and want to point deform them at the end. everything works fine except only the first object gets point deformed and you can only see the collisions of the other point deformed objects. they seem to get emitted but don´t show up in the viewport. the constrains are there but the geo keeps missing. tried different inputs for the point deform but can´t get it to work.... WindowMan.hiplc
  7. hey there,, was rebuilding the chain sop/vellum setup from the houdini 18.5 presentation in 19.0 and when i wire in the vellum sim in the chain sop with the objects to allign on the curves they get deformed somehow... tried some different setting but was not able to fix it. maybe some one has an idea. scene file is attached. greetings and thank you! chainsop.hiplc
  8. Hi I'd love to be able to dynamically update my vellum properties based on point attributes. Like if I have a noise value (say Cd) running across a line of points over time, is it possible to have this value influence, for instance, the rest scale of geo that is copied onto each point? My first thought is the SOP Solver but I don't understand how it works well enough to implement the idea. Hoping someone can help me out, thank you!
  9. I have a mesh and have a few separate Vellum sims that fire in a linear fashion. I've found I need to "stash" the output of the first vellum sim, otherwise the 2nd vellum sim runs forever. As result there is a bunch of manual updates I want to remove in the graph to have it cook and update properly. Upstream I want to update a rigpose node and have all the stashes update and sims fire on the new data. I am not having any luck getting both the stash nodes to updates.. I have tried python sops before and after the stash with hou.node("../stash1").parm("stashinput").pressButton() and I have tried n = hou.node("../stash1") parm = n.parm("stash") parm.set(geo) without much luck. I am under the impression that the stash node might need a time update to trigger, but have not been able to make a timeshift force an update either. Thanks for any help.
  10. Hey, I have this big pillow with small balls scattered and glued onto to the big pillow, now i want to inflate and deflate the pillows and drive it via a attribute noise. This works wonderfully in the dopnet when I use the Vellumconstraintproperties with just the balls as source, however if i bring the other vellum source in the dopnetwork (big pillow) and merge them, it seems the parameters get overwritten by the second vellumsource and so my inflation/deflation doesnt work anymore and many weird things start happening. I feel like im nearly finished with my setup but just get one little thing not right which lost me already several hours, does someobody has a solution to this? I´ve attached a file, sorry for the mess but problem is hopefully just solveable in the dopnetwork. ODFORCE_2XCONSTRAINTPROPERTIES.hipnc
  11. Hello, I have a scene where I am inflating spheres randomly and I noticed this behavior that keeps bothering me. I noticed that my spheres keeps spinning one direction after inflation. So I did a simple test, and they keep still keep spinning depending on the spheres axis. In the scene below, all I did was turn off gravity and changed rest length scale to 2. I don't know how to stop this, I just need them inflate and float. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Vellum balloons through pipe

    hello there... basically i am trying to recreate this effect in vellum: just some balloons getting sucked upwards through a tubish form... played with stretch/bend/pressure but i am not able to get it done...it´s super frusttrating because i think it´s not so tough to do..maybe someone can help here thank you!
  13. Hi, I'm trying to sim lots of rope on a ship and although I can simply use polywire, I'd like to try and keep the original model's rope geometry. Is there a way to use path deform or point deform to achieve this result? I've had some success with point deform, but I think it was more luck and not really a robust workflow. I've attached a simple scene of some vellum string in a breeze and an alembic file of some rope. As you can see the rope is horribly distorted. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Rope.zip
  14. Hello! I'm trying to animate two sheets with vellum. one on the right, one on the lift. they should go straight to the left or right, like the arrows shown in the picture. the shouldn't collide completely, just a bit where they touch each other. - I did try having two separate vellums, but then they don't interact with each other. - When I put both in one vellum, I can't make them move so they move in a straight line (I did animate the transform nod, but nothing is happening, when it's in a vellum), like the arrows show in the picture. I did try to add a pop attract but then the move to the center and collide completely, which I'm not looking for. Does anybody has an idea, how to solve this? Thanks for any tips :-)
  15. Hello! How to pin vellum cloth (flag) to animated object? Something wrong with this video. I'm not attached it. untitled.mp4
  16. Hi all. I have been trying to 'release' pin to target constraints on an animated grid using a pop wrangle with an istopped function. It is exactly what I am wanting, however, with every collision the 'un pinned' sections snap back to the original constraints. I have absolutely no idea why. Attached the scene file as its hard to describe. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers Al Vellum_Pin_To_Target.hip
  17. Hi folks, I've got a vellum sim of scattered strings that have an animated falloff mask attribute, that wipes from right to left. I want to get dopnet's popcurveforce to pull them in as the mask moves. Although the mask attribute is detected, it's stuck to the first frame. Any way I can get this to update per frame so that popcurveforce reads it? lines.hiplc
  18. How do i get my edge fracture to look more like boolean fracture. I want to control where the cut happens The boolean fracture doesn't do well with vellum. I want the sphere on the left to have fractures like the one on the right using edge fracture. Can somebody please help me with this problem? VELLUM EDGE FRACTURE.hipnc
  19. Hey, First time posting on the forums looking for some help with a simulation I'm running. So I'm trying to create an effect similar to the ref video here: The effect is a macro shot of soap bubbles entering frame and sitting on top of a surface with some slight movement at rest. Again nothing has to move through the top surface. My current Idea and set up is to run a flip sim to get the motion, take points from the sim and pin some vellum sphere objects to some of those points at their center to get the soft bubbles "layer" then do some vdb combining of the vellum objects and the base fluid. Am I going down the right lines or is there a better way to mix flip and vellum together? Any input is very welcome along with any tests for similar problems people have faced. Also If this isn't in the right place let me know to move the thread! Can post my hip up if it helps. Thanks in advance! Media1_ref.mp4
  20. Hey Guys, so I have build this beginner animation of vellum hair and it is almost there. But these hairs are spinning/rotating and I dont know how to resolve this, maybe someone can help. I just cant find any parameters for rotation. Maybe some vex can fix it? Untitled.mp4 Edit: add hip seaweed4.hiplc
  21. Hello Guys, I am looking for a way to fix the orientation on the points after a vellum simulation on a spline. I want to create a rope simulation and afterwards use the sweep node to get some geo around my spline but it turns out there are some weird twists. (check pictures below) Ill attach the scene file below. (rope_simulation.zip) any help is highly appreciated. thank you guys so much in advance. rope_simulation.zip
  22. Hi everyone ! I made an example .hip file below if you need ! I have a vellum patch and I want to drape it. I can select the groups in the old fashion way by selecting the needed groups one by one in the Vellum Drape node. But when it goes to very large pieces of vellum, it can be very laborious. My question is: Is there a way to select to tell the Vellum Drape, "select all the groups between backPatch_seam0 group to backPatch_seam2" ? I can share what I found until now though ! We can write this in the Vellum Drape node: "backPatch_seam[012]" and it selects the groups with the indicated suffixes between "[]". But as you can imagine, it doesn't work if the seams you want to select are numbers like 13 ; 78 ; etc... because this expression understand only the digits in these numbers (13 becomes 1 & 3 ; 78 becomes 7 & 8). Is there a better method to accomplish that ? Here is a .hip file if you want to try: Select A range of groups.hip
  23. Hi! Corgi the Bentley. Personal artwork. Everything done by me, and blendshapes helped Roman Zabludovsky. Houdini, KineFx, Stock houdini tools for groom, Vellum for sim, Karma for rendering. Originally inspired by works of Vipin Jacob, Eric Guillon and the mood of JB Vendamme portfolio. Personal research of Houdini pipeline here, and 1st full-scale work made on Linux smiley (after all my life on Win) With help & strong support from Roman Zabludovsky, Andrey Belichenko. hi.balbobia@gmail.com — for contact.
  24. Hi. I try to controll bend stiffness_drop_off inside vellum contraint property. But when I turn on stiffness dropoff no changes appear during simulation. If I turn it on inside vellum cloth within bend properties It works but whener I make changes with vellum constraint properties nothing works. Any help?
  25. Hello masters! I am just asking for advice. I want to create a simulation of worm movement with vellum softbody. What I have so far is an undone node tree, and I don't know how to apply this wavy behavior to the geometry. So may I just kindly ask u to help me out? It's a very simple scene, but I don't know how to execute the sopsolver inside the dopnet . (I am not even 100% sure that all the steps I did are right) I will be very thankfull, for any advice.... worm_motion.hip