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Found 245 results

  1. I wanna create a slicing simulation in Houdini. But somehow my free falling soft body after a few frames, just jump back to the original position. SLICING_02.hipnc
  2. Hey, I've been stumped on this for a long time now and cant find any more useful resources online. I've been trying to dynamically add vellum patches over time for a project of mine. In the attached video you can see my current result, which is done by switching between the sopsolver that creates the golem, and the vellum solver that makes them go stringy. Ideally I'd like for vellum to take over for each worm as soon as the sopsolver is done growing it, thus on attribute presence. Hopefully someone can give me a point in the right direction. Thanks in advance! Wormguy.3.mp4
  3. Polygon mesh from grains?

    How do you turn a vellum grain sim into a polygon mesh? I feel like there has got to be a simple way of doing this, but all my googling has turned up solutions requiring building polygonal geometry in VEX. That seems like overkill for just a simple use case. Thanks for your help!
  4. Hi peeps! Anyone with some experience with the guidedeform sop? I am trying to interpolate an original groom within some sim curves. Around the 10% of the original groom was simulated... And either is exploding or taking all my RAM.....kinda lost here...
  5. I have a vellum cloth object set up in DOPs. I want to add an animated pin to target constraint. I can get this working in vellum solver SOP just fine, but I can't figure out how to set it up inside a dopnet. I've tried setting this up multiple ways, and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. (HIP and screenshots attached.) I would also like to know how to specify target geometry in DOPs. dops_pin_example.hipnc
  6. How would one go about clustering pieces of cloth together after using the Edge Fracture SOP to cut the cloth geometry apart? Is there a method similar to how the RBD Cluster SOP works? After using the Edge Fracture, I get lots of individual triangular sections of cloth, which look ok but would be nicer if I could cluster a bunch of them together to create more irregular patterns of cloth. What would be a useful method to create this? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I'm currently at work, but will post any ideas I come up with later in the day.
  7. Hello; In a vellum simulation, I tried to move a "worm" by applying some forces to it, inside of a "SOP Solver". So I tried to extract the velocity from a "bend" animation, and convert it to force, to move that worm. The problem is it applies that force just once. How can I fix this (or is it the right way to apply motion to a vellum object)? Thanks for helping. Anim_Worm_01.hip
  8. Vellum hair issue...

    Hello; I would like to spawn some falling wires that fall on a sphere, so I tried to use vellum hair, but the result is not stable as you can see in the image below. So, how can I fix it? Thanks for helping. FallingWires_01.hip
  9. https://i.imgur.com/FsowZvp.mp4 Take a look at the above example. I'm transferring the Vellum i@stopped attribute to some cloth that is covering an object. I'm using a flat grid that animates top down over the surface while transferring the attributes. My issue is the i@stopped attribute is turning off again as the pieces of cloth fall away, outside the range of the attribute transfer. Is there a way for me to transfer the attributes and have them stay on the Vellum cloth once they've been transferred, no matter where they float away to in the scene? File attached (apologies it's 9mb - The statue geo is frozen in the scene). Fabric_Tear_v01_temp.hipnc
  10. Vellum Balloon questions

    Hi everybody! I'm trying to make balloon letters as on the picture. Unfortunately I have a couple of problems. First, it seems pressure constraint distorts balloons in a weird way and forces them to fly away. Second, I can't get such wrinkles, while the balloons look fully filled with air. Here is the file: BalloonTest.hipnc Thanks in advance!
  11. unique ids in a continuous vellum simulation

    Hi. I'm new to vex and have a problem i can't get my head around. I created a little simulation where paper gets blown away every 6th frame. Now i want to give every page an unique id, but counting upwards. so my code is: f@idpage; if(@Frame%6 == 1){ @idpage+=1; } I@ know its not counting because every frame, the attrib is set back to 0. But how can i count my IDs in dops or on a global level? Paper_Wind_02.hiplc
  12. Combine Vellum + RBD

    Hey everyone, I am learning vellum but I cannot combine them with rigid bodies. What would be the easy procedure so that the rdb ball remains on top and does not pass through the vellum? Thanks VID_20200616_171448.mp4
  13. Using point deform

    Hello, I'm new to Houdini and this is probably very simple. I have a simple scene file that was made with the Entagma vellum tutorial https://vimeo.com/294374382 How would I use point deform to apply the high-res pig head on to the low-res pig heads with the dopnet continuously emitting the pig heads? Thanks guys! V_test_01.hiplc
  14. Vellum Cloth and Grain Interaction

    Hello all, I'm attempting to combine vellum cloth and grains on the sop level but a few things look strange. When I merge them before the solver (like I've done in the past with multiple pieces of cloth) it looks like the grains add little square boxes onto the cloth mesh. I'm guessing these are the grain constraints but I'm not sure. Also, when I run the sim the grains stay above the cloth, never actually colliding with it. I assume the two things are related but I haven't been able to sort it out. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance. Vellum_ClothandGrain_01.hiplc
  15. Hi I'm making vellum simulation which is advected by volume. and I wanted to change the color of vellum sim into velocity color. But, as you see, in any voxel of boundary box of smoke has few of density and velocity so they have changed even where I don't want to change the color. I just thought if i could cut of all of black voxel in smoke boundary box It wouldn't happen. or, If I can use density data of smoke sim, I can multiply it into my vellum pointwrangle node so If It has low density value, color has not changed. How can I fix this ?? Sorry for my poor English and hope you help me :)) Thank you
  16. Vellum Output Mesh

    Hi everyone, I am working on an RnD project on Vellum and realistic characters and clothing. I have a setup with a model with a couple of layers of clothes. After my simulation is cached I have all the clothes as one mesh and cannot apply the textures I was originally planning to use. I tried point deforming the original geometry to the simulation but it is not perfect. Am I doing something wrong or is there a way to fix this?
  17. Vellum Grains - POP Spin / POP Torque

    Hey folks, simple question... is it possible to use the POP Spin or POP Torque (DOP Nodes) on a Vellum Grains sim. I am emitting Vellum Grains continuously and after the sim i use the Grains to copy f.e. Boxes onto the Points. But i can't get the Geo to rotate. They stay static at one axis and don't rotate. So my question is: Is it possible to use POP Spin or Torque on Vellum Grains? Cheers
  18. Hi! I'm trying to use the new Sliding constraint in vellum (houdini 18). I had good result when I tried to constrain my geometries to a collider geo. (Using the Attach the geometry or the Stich constraint node.) But when I'm trying to "Sliding constraint" together my geometries, I can't make it work. So basically, I want my active vellum objects "sliding constrain" together many shells of geometries. Any ideas? (Not too much info in the docs sadly. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vellum/slidingconstraints.html)
  19. Hi all, I'm going crazy trying to figure out what I thought was a simple and common problem to solve. I'm creating a walk-cycle of a man covered in flapping rectangles of paper. I'm scattering 1500 points over a mocap biped in a t-pose, interpolating the points on the animated version of the biped, creating a planar patch, defining pins, copying the planar patches to points, and then doing a cloth simulation with vellum (with biped and self collision). This all works just as suspected - awesome. The problem is, when I copy the planar patches to points they intersect with each other and they intersect with the biped on the first frame and stay like that as a result. I've tried a for each point loop with intersection analysis to remove planar patches that intersect but it would calculate on each frame (as opposed to only the first frame as I'd like) and was a big mess. I'm a novice and don't know what to do having spent a whole day trying to research/experiment. Please advise me on how to resolve this - would really appreciate it.
  20. I'm trying to edit the vellum constraint densitiy inside a DOP network (via an attribute). It looks as if it is working because you can visually see the attribute change, but the simulation is unaffected. Nothing that I try seems to work, is it even possible to do? I attached my test (sorry it is a little bit messy) and an image of my DOP network. Thanks for reading. VellumAttributeTransfer.hip
  21. Vellum Cloth Collision

    Hi everybody. I have a cloth rack with hangers and clothes on it. The rack moves along the path. I simulated and cached the hangers moving with the rack. Then I modeled and draped the clothes on a static hanger and copied the draped clothes to each hanger to simulate the clothes on the moving hangers. I thought instead of using static deformed object it is better to use RBD fractured object (making it inactive) with point position, translating the transform of the hangers, so it would not load the collision geometry every frame. To help the vellum follow the animation of the hangers I also soft pinned with match animation those parts of clothes that "touch" the hangers. The problem is, after a couple of frames, the clothes start to penetrate the hangers. Increasing the substeps (tested with 10 and 20 substeps), collision passes, polish, post collision passes doesn't solve the problem. So generally I have 2 questions, first is: which collision type is used in vellum simulations: Bullet or Volume? And second: any thoughts on how can i solve my problem? Loading hangers through static deformed objects also dramatically increases calculation time.. Or is it the only option for vellum? Thanks in advance!
  22. vellum weld selected edges

    Hey I was wondering if any one knew, when you take a geo and shatter or fracture it into pieces. The weld constraint in vellum seems to know exactly how to attach them back together. However I have a piece of geo thats presplit along the edges along the edges in a specific pattern and I can seem to get the weld to recognise the edges and weld them together. I have created a group (in both edges and points) thats just the outer edges I thought that would work but no dice. Thanks
  23. Hey magicians, got couple questions regarding Vellum: First one, how can I inflate stuff via an attribute? I tried making a color attribute and doing a shitty vex (i dont know nothing about it so is normal that isnt working), I also tried making groups outside and putting that into the properties with no luck. Im trying to inflate only the hands when I slide the restscale, here's a image to ilustrate: Second doubt: Right now I made the arms just fall and collide with the body, but how can I create constraints by having points of 2 different meshes? here's a pic to guide: Should I blast points of inner arm, blast points of the tshirt, connect adjascent pieces and use that as constraints? Any help will be super useful Thanks!
  24. Hello; I'm looking for some tips, guides, or tutorials about how to apply an attribute like Cd to modify (or animate) the "Rest Length (scale)" of vellum. Thanks for helping. Vellum_RestLength_01.hip
  25. Hi everyone, I have a simple fracture simulation that I would like to use as collision geo in a vellum sim. However as vellum is particle based, and the collision geo is very low poly, I need to somehow increase the geo subdivisions for the fracture sim geo. I've looked at using the subdivide node, but this doesn't seem to work. I'm hoping this is a simple one and I'm just not aware of the right node to drop in! Thanks in advance! Glass.hiplc