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Editing "Geometry File" parameter of Point Vop


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Hey there! I'm following an older Houdini tutorial and the guy is using a VOP SOP. Since I'm using Houdini 18 I just went and used a Point VOP. But now in the next step in the video he is editing the "Geometry File" parameter. When I try to do the same, I'm finding that parameter greyed-out and inaccessible (see attached images). Any help would be much appreciated so I can continue learning.

Thanks in advance! 



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Usually the geometry file input is used to select the source from which you are reading data. So op:`opinputpath(".", 0)` means the very first connected input, `opinputpath(".", 1)` is the second connected input. But there is no need to edit this value. You can simply connect your inputs and select the correct one inside the points vop. The default GeometryVopGlobal node has four slots called OpInput1 - OpInput4. So if you connect something to the very first input you can read its data from OpInput1 the second one from OpInput2 and so on.


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