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Houdini Senior FX TD, destruction!

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Hey Houdini community,

Looking for a strong Houdini senior, remote work possible as long as you can somewhat align yourself with the PST timezone, we're located in Vancouver. 
If you identify yourself with the following characteristics, you may be a good fit for us:

– destruction experience (vehicles, buildings, fire, smoke, complex RBD constraint setups)
– works confidently & independently
– can execute a VFX shot in his/her discipline from start to finish
– pragmatic & quick problem solver
– 5 or more years of professional experience in VFX
– can work with rapid deadlines without overengineering setups

Email with cover letter and reel please to:

We usually do high level hero shots, so that's something that absolutely has to be on your reel, otherwise we can't consider you.
Have a look at what we've been doing recently:




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