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Group create vex removeprim


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Hi Nemiko,

Just from your example,

In the first line of your code you are comparing a string to and int which wont work,

You also cant add a primitive to a group if it doesnt exist,  So to simplify things I would first add the prims that you want to delete to a group then delete them outside of thte wrangle.

In your second if statement you are also using @ptnum where the function is expecting a primitive number (@primnum).

There also seems to be a mixture of incorrect attribute types.

Not knowing the full context, I would say that your wrangle should look more like ths :

if ( @name == "-1") 

this will add any prim to the the group "myprimgroup" that has an attibute value of "-1" for the name attribute.

Then you can just delete it after the wrangle.

Hope this helps


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