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FBX Hierarchy

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Hi Houdini lovers ! 

One of our tech art as a problem with FBX / File node.

He create hierarchyof Geometry in Maya and try to import it in houdini by using a file node in SOP.

The strange thing is : Every other user see all the geometry but on his side he only see parent nodes.

We try to uninstall Houdini and delete the usefiles , we try with houdini 16.5 17.5 and 18. nothing worked.

He install FBX Review from autodesk , and we are wondering if it modify the reading of FBX or something ? We tried to uninstall this aswell but it didn't fix anything.

Anybody has a clue ? or has already encournter this problem ? 


Have a nice day all !

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If someone searching there is with child and FBX import with a file : it's fixe since 18.0.5 



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