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What Expression should I enter in Const Activation to birth  points between frames 30 and 40?

I attached picture to here.
Please confirm it.sample5.PNG.b85eb917694ce2d798c0c36e7948fced.PNG

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Hi there !

Let's break it down a bit, and start just by emitting particles from frame 30
To do that, we can use a comparison with the current frame
"Is the current frame above 30"

So this is really simple ↓

@Frame >= 30 // The equal to make sure that it is true as soon as frame 30 is reached

This will evaluate as 0 before frame 30, then 1 at the frame 30 and after.

For emitting below frame 40, the logic is the same, with the comparison sign changing direction

@Frame <= 40

But you want above frame 30 and below frame 40

There is an "and" for this, the double ampersand → &&
So those two separate expressions becomes

@Frame >= 30 && @Frame <= 40


Hope that helps !

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