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Redshift color clamping / specles

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Hi everyone,


I am trying to set up a Sub-surface Scattering effect in Redshift but keep getting colour clamping with orange speckles appearing.

I tried a bunch of stuff including changing refraction settings, sampling etc but can't seem to find the culprit.

Any ideas?



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4 minutes ago, Yader said:

Could be thousand things, how big is your geo/scene? Are it's normals fine? How are your SSS settings?

The scene is quite small (1x1 units), with normals and settings recommended by some RS SSS tutorials.

I ended up resolving the issue by using RS SSS and RS Skin shaders, for some reason they seem to have deprecated support for SSS in the standard RS Material, or it's intended for some other uses?

What helped me is Redshift documentation: https://docs.redshift3d.com/display/RSDOCS/Subsurface+Scattering?product=houdini

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