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persuade packed rbd to move away from camera?


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hey all i'm sure this is a fairly simple one but i'm having a hard time with it :/  been at this for 6 hours today :(

so i have a sim of a big wall exploding outward - it looks great but sadly i have a huge chunk of pieces that fly towards cam an i'll be damned if i can find a way around it - is there any force i can apply from the camera that can push them outwards instead of just heading towards the camera and through it?  It would be awesome if i can art direct this a bit more!



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to add to this - somebody suggested creating a line from my camera and then a wrangle that measures how close it is but tbh i cant seem to figure out a way like that as i'm not great with wrangles at all :/  I cant even get a line to point down the length of the camera :/

anyone got a super quick example scene with a line pointing down a camera and some particles moving away from it ?  sorry for the direct ask my brain has turned to node soup lol

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so to update - i created a new geo network ..obj merged my camera in and pack it so i have one point

then i add a metaball in there - scale it up and copy to points (metaball onto the camera packed point)

add the force SOP after and a null_OUT


now in dopnet add in the POP metaball force - point it to the null_OUT and then adjust values - negative values push the pieces away - didn't take much force to gently persuade them away from camera :)


just adding for anyone trying to figure it out down the line

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