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WINDOWS10's auto-update breaks Houdini UI

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Hi, I have a laptop which does not have a videocard like a  GeForce but Intel HD graphics. I have not used houdini for about a month but just today Dec 20th launched Houdini, then found UI is broken. Usually OpenGL/directX's viewport is broken as  a common problem, but this time all icons and network view are broken. I checked video driver which looks use year 2019, but I am assuming Windows 10's auto-update breaks Houdini because houdini 17 and 18 are both broken at the same time. Possibly I need to re-install Houdini. I've never seen this type of UI broken, so I wonder if anybody had same situation before, and know how to fix, please let me know. Thank you 










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I deleted houdini pref folder, but did not solve the problem . I also found somehow global UI scale set to 2 , instead of 1. That fixed a bit, but I think issues are still all icons properly not generated at all. 



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