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Problem Getting Sound The When Wave Parameters Controlled In Real Time


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Thanks for the reply dragos!

Although, I think CHOPS should be able to do what I want, as when I press the Test button in different parts of the screen (so I could check the modifications based in mouse position were being calculated) The sound comes in real time, but is only heard for a fraction of second. surely with a more complicated setup that wouldn

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You'll need to turn Time Slice on in all the CHOPs you use (some CHOPs work the same in normal & timeslice mode, so the button is grayed out). It's in the Common tab of all CHOPs. This will only process the smallest fraction necessary to maintain continuous playback, and so it will run in realtime. The catch is that you must be playing forward in order for it to operate. Also, you'll need to set the Audio Panel to "Time Slice" in order to playback the audio correctly. It sounds a lot better if you're also in realtime playback mode, as well.

A simple setup to modify the pitch & volume would be to extract the X position of the Mouse CHOP using a Delete CHOP and feed it into an Oscillator CHOP (turn Time Slice on). Add another Delete CHOP to the mouse and extract the Y position. Then add a Math CHOP, wire the oscillator and the 2nd delete into it, and select multiply CHOPs. You may need to remap the mouse range (also using Math CHOPs, Range Tab) to get a good pitch & volume range.

You can even filter in realtime using the Parametric EQ, Band EQ & Pass Filter CHOPs (be sure to turn Time Slice on). They worked pretty well 5 years ago, so they should be even better nowadays :)

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