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Same value in an attribute.

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Hi all master. 

I have a lot of points . And every point have same an attribute. But in some points , it have the same value .

For example , point 0 , point 9 and point 30 have attribute "a" = 30  . How can i get another attribute have value = 3  ?. 

Thank you. 

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I'm not quite sure if I understand your question right but,
you can drop down an "attribute create" node and create a new attribute for other points with a new name. or you can create a "attribute randomize" to give your points random attributes. 

Points can have multiple attributes with multiple values.

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attribute create:
set Group Type to Points.
set Group to which points should receive new value. (This should be setup the same way as the attribute. Such as if attribute "a" is a float, "Type" should be float. If it's a vector, "Type" should be vector)

Attribute Wrangle:
set Group to points that should receive new value
get attribute and define value
i@a = (value);

Attribute Adjust Integer/Float/Vector:
set Group to points that should  receive new value
Which attribute
Set constant value

All these have a similar result to this:

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