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Redshift instances shaders

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Hey guys, i have a question regarding redshift instances on high particle counts stuff rendered with redshift: Everything is working well with a "s@instance=..." wrangle. Then if i try to get the Cd attribute to change the instances/particles color it get super slow, is it a normal behavior or is it somehow a way to avoid it/doing it more efficiently ? For example if i don't use instances but standard redshift particles, even with changing the Cd in the shader it is super fast, it only happens when instancing.

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Found the solution so i will post it here too in case someone has the same problem at some point, it was this setting that need to be set to "Redshift Point Cloud", and the rendering is fast again with custom instances using Cd or other attribute to change the shaders on high particle count systems :)


Screenshot 2021-02-03 115123.png

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