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I have for example 10 objects in dops that are merged and now I want to use the copyObjectDOP to copy them several times in my sim. But the copyDOP wants to know the Index of the incomming object stream. in the Book "magic of Houdini", in the dop chapter there is following sentence about the CopyObjectDOP: "By default, it's set up to copy a single dobject in the inputstream, but it can easily be set to copy teh entire set of input dobkjects once or many times."

and that is what I want, but how??

I found this in the help:

To make duplicates of a set of objects, such as the objects produced by an RBD Fractured Object DOP, use an Object To Copy value of *, and an Object Index value of $OBJ. Or to make several copies of each input object, use an Object Index of $OBJ % number_of_input_objects. Then set the Number of Copies to the total number of output objects.

but obviously not enough help for me.


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I'm not sure if I can use this method here, cause the CopyObjectDop has no stamp

If you want to see an example on how it can be used, FrenchOP made a great video tutorial on this.

Check this thread for further details.. it's not with a copyObjectDOP, but my guess is that it works the same as the copySOP and he explains all relevant information.


But I only didn't see the tree in the forrest :P

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