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I am a beginner so probably something obvious I am missing. I finished a course where I created a bee hive asset. Now I want to set a couple of colors that I will randomize on each "pipe" and maybe use it as an attribute later in shading.

I am creating a "rand" attribute and using the "ramp from attribute" in the color node. I think I need to create/use an Attribute with a loop for each pipe so I can apply the colors but struggling to do.




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you are trying to attribcopy by stock attribute, but that attribute doesnt exist on your meshed hive geo, it has to exist on both geometries so that copy can match points by it

however you can color your curves and then use attribtransfer, it will be a little blurred together, which you can control by Max Sample Count parameter , since your pipes are meshed together you wouldn't be able to get clean color separation anyway


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