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"control" ui elements via python


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I am trying to enable/disable octane license inside Houdini, via python, but I can't find a way to "press a button" or paste text to the "username" and "password" input forms.

The Octane dialog is created with "Houdini’s User Interface Script Language" and is opened via the tool shelf.

Is this possible, via python?

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On 2/6/2021 at 7:36 AM, bobbybob said:

Is this possible, via python?

It depends, but in most cases you're out of luck. Check the shelf source. If the dialog was created with hou.ui.createDialog(..) then it means there's a source code somewhere and you can lookup the parameter name and set it with hou.Dialog.value(). But I doubt Ocatane devs chose this way it most likely implemented in HDK.

Your best bet would be to check if Octane provides some sort of Python API or maybe ask them directly.

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