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Just some beginner issues [SOLVED]

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Hey :)

I am a total beginner in Houdini and I am using the Houdini Apprentice edition for learning.

My Background? I am a 3d Artist, currently Art Director at Node Collective (you dont know that now^^)

I am working on my private battleship for some time now and want to see it in a good but short animation I want to do in Houdini.
For now I use a ship I got from an other source, but I will replace it when my model is ready some day.
Both the placeholder model and my own ship model will be delivered in .fbx format.

I tried to follow an tutorial  Youtube Link about bringing a ship into water in Houdini but I wasnt able to follow all steps. I do not know if the Apprentice edition is the reason.
In addition I found some stuff is not working. My goal is a similar video as in the Sabaton - Bismarck music video in the moment the ship appears out of the fog.

1.) When I load in the ocean flat tank (this is the feature the tutor uses in his video tutorial) I got the error message 'None Type' object is not iterable.
I think the problem here is the imported .fbx file. When I google this problem someone says I need to add a "Surface Collider from the Solid shelf menu"
but when I drag and drop it on my ship inside the viewport nothing happens. The problem remains.

2.) I can't save all the stuff on disk as the tutor in the tutorial does. Mostly it works but sometimes just nothing happens when I try to click on "Save on Disk"
(in this case: "bake_spectra" inside the "flattank_fluid_extended" node.

3.) In the animation the ship affects the water (7:03) but my one does not. I think the reason is that my ocean flat tank isn't related to the ship/fbx-object (See number 1).
I also think I got a too small ocean, I just reduced it to get a better rendering speed.

4.) I get the error message: "Bad parameter reference: "enableDispMap" in parameter /mat/uniformvolume/vm_displacebound/floatdef".
I read in an other forum about a workaround but I cant copy this as I do not have the entry in the tree list.

This is all I did for now, I want to fix this stuff first. My render result is different to his one, as I just got a small square of ocean, while the ocean in the viewer looks different (Yes i used 'G').

I hope someone can help me with my issues ;)

Kind Regards

Edit: Here is a image of my current project:

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Think i fixed some issues. An other workaround is working and the flat ocean tank is following the ship now (in its own way^^)...
I also found out that the only thing I cant save on disk (as he does in his tutorial, see first post) is the "bake_spectra" inside the "flattank_fluid_extended" node.

Guess this thread is solved with this. I will post other issues in a ocean related topic instead if necessary.

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